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WordPress is a great solution for those who:

  • are usually in an intermediate or advanced business stage
  • are comfortable with technology
  • have a team of people who can help with upkeep or any changes
  • like more control over the aesthetic of their website (since WordPress allows for more flexibility)
  • sell a lot of products or services or have carts for their business
    have a more complex website
  • are comfortable managing the many parts of a WordPress website (domain, hosting, theme, backup, etc.)

WordPress Pros and Cons


    • Your own and control everything. You purchase your domain, you select your hosting, you setup your backup system, etc. (Which also means that you can change your hosting, for instance, at any time).
    • A plethora of themes, plugins, and functionality for your website – including ecommerce, membership sites, etc.
    • Many tutorial videos, classes, courses that show you how to use WordPress.
    • WordPress is an open source product – and is free (itself).
    • It’s been around for years, and there are many experts to ask for help.
    • WordPress allow for highly customized websites and offers a lot of flexibility.


    • You have to maintain your own website (unless you hire someone to do it for you).
    • There are an overwhelming number of themes and plugins – which can be somewhat mind-boggling.
    • It will take more time and understanding to learn the WordPress backend – in order to add blog posts, etc.
    • While it’s possible to do more complex websites – you will most likely need an expert to help you.
    • WordPress doesn’t have direct support per se.  (There are forums, and a knowledge base, but not someone you can call.



Squarespace is a great solution for people who are:

    • who are newer to the online space (an earlier business stage)
    • are not as comfortable with technology
    • need a more drag and drop-type builder
    • don’t need a complex website

Squarespace Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one solution – they provide the domain, the hosting, the backups, etc.
  • Simple interface to build your website.
  • Many tutorial videos to help you with your setup.
  • Provide many beautiful templates.
  • More and more integrations are being created.


  • You don’t really “own” or “control” your website (except potentially the domain). If Squarespace is down – your website will be down and you do not have any options.
  • There isn’t much ability to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site – to get yourself noticed.
  • While it’s becoming more popular, there are less experts available.
  • Less flexibility in fine-tuning your website.
  • Not good for complex websites or if you sell a lot of products.