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I love helping business owners create strategies that give them the business of their dreams.

Business Success Laser Coaching Program

Do you have an issue or problem with your business?  Need a Business Coach in your back pocket?  Let’s solve it together!

Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs

A group coaching program to help female business owners run and grow their service-based businesses.

1:1 Coaching

Need some customized help creating strategies for success?

Hello! I’m Karen!

Business & Productivity Coach

Having started my first online business 12 years ago, I’ve learned alot along my journey.  I took classes and courses and had many mentors to help me along the way.  I’ve made the mistakes – so you don’t have to.  I believe that it’s possible to have the business of your dreams while still having time for your family.

Here’s What My Clients Say…

When I started working with Karen,

  • I wasn’t clear on packaging my services
  • I didn’t have a clear vision of who my ideal client was
  • I was spending a lot of time doing menial tasks

I was able to accomplish all of my goals and much more in working with Karen.

Stephanie F.

Exceptional Educational Solutions

I always hesitate before working with someone if I think I could figure it out myself if I just tried hard enough. Listening to Karen for just a half hour showed me that she has real actionable strategies to help me manage my time and my schedule in an entirely different manner than I had ever considered before. If you know your schedule and time management needs help, I highly recommend working with Karen. She really knows her stuff and can help you make order out of your scheduling work-life mess!
Sori A.

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