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So many entrepreneurs think they know their clients.
They think they know their problems.
They create solutions for what they think their clients want.
They try to sell the solution they think they want.
And often hear crickets.
I want tell why this doesn’t work – You’re not using your client’s language.


What if you knew your clients because you’ve actually talked to them.


You know the exact words they use to describe their problems.
You understand the exact solution that they say they want.

This is the gold in your business.


When you know the exact words.
Their exact problems as articulated by them and the solution that they think they want.


That’s what you create.
And then you use their exact words to sell it.


These people will read your words and think, how does she know me so well?


It’s like she’s in my head.


That’s creating the connection you need. They will feel you know them, understand their exact problem, and therefore you must have the best solution.


And that’s where the magic happens.


You need to know the words that your clients use in order to be able to create the solutions that they respond to and are willing to pay for.


So remember, words matter.


Talk to your clients. Listen to each word that they use to describe their problem and the solution that they’re looking for. That will be the gold for your business.


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