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While moms are regular business owners – they do have some special considerations.

Many coaches and entrepreneurs don’t understand the demands on the mom entrepreneur.

90 Day plans can work really well for typical online businesses. Unfortunately, they often don’t work for moms.

Usually the quarterly plans start Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sept, Oct – Dec.

The problem is that for mom entrepreneurs, their time is not their own.

Mom Entrepreneur Schedule

My schedule changes based on the time of school year, my kids’ activities, etc.

So my June schedule doesn’t look anything like my April schedule. And September isn’t anything like my July.

I still am a proponent of planning.

But as a mom entrepreneur, you may need to make a little adjustment.

So don’t do a typical quarterly plan.

I often do a special plan for the summer – which is completely different from the rest of the year.

Often I will do a plan June 15 – August 15th as my summer schedule is very different.

But maybe your school ends or starts at a different time. Separate out the summer time – and make a special schedule around that.

This type of special “summer schedule” will allow you to recognize that it’s not “business as usual”, that you can still complete work during this time, and allow you to spend some quality time with your family.

Ditch the typical quarterly plan and create your custom plan for success this summer!


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