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I like to experiment in my business.

I try something – and check the data.

Then try something else – and see if that worked better or worse.

I noticed that although I had grown to 2300 + followers on my Second Act Mom’s Facebook Page, I felt like my reach had dropped.  Not everyone was seeing my posts.  I noticed that there were some people who hadn’t interacted with my content in quite some time.  I kept checking my insights, but wasn’t happy with the results.

So, believing that quality is better than quantity, I decided to remove 1,000 likes.  You can see the dramatic drop in likes in my insight below.

I was scared – but decided to do this back in the end of September.

I wasn’t sure what the results would be – but my hunch was that my engagement would increase due to followers who were interested in my content.

What has happened since?  I’m up to 1355 likes.  I have more engagement, more shares, more views – everything is up.

Now you may not think it’s dramatic – others have more likes, and have more dramatic increases – but I’m happy with my experiment.  I’m glad that more people are seeing and interacting with my content.  And I hope it continues.

I also did the same in my Facebook Group.  (It’s actually easier to see who is engaging with your content in groups.)  And I had a similar response there – more interaction, more engagement – and more people seeing my posts.

The moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to experiment in your business!  You never know what might happen.



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