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Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs:

Get Expert Support and the Accountability you Need to Uplevel Your Business

Many female business owners try to figure it out on their own, downloading all the freebies and ebooks, watching videos, buying small courses. They keep playing the guessing game.

But often you don't get the answers you need for your business. Or you solve one problem - but have another one.

You may make progress with a coach, but when your time is up - there is no accountability or way to ask questions later.

Now you can have the support with group calls and a private Facebook Group - get our questions answered and have the accountability - for a full 12 months.

Get Your Questions Answered, Be Held Accountable and Celebrate Your Wins

A coach helps you

  • compress your timeline to success
  • to reach your goals faster
  • save you time and money by avoiding trial and error
  • stay you out of overwhelm and confusion
  • be accountable
  • explore new ideas

I would love to help you create a solid foundation for your business so that you can have your dream business.

time management

Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs

I started this program to fill the need for so many female entrepreneurs - on-going support and accountability.

This is What We’ll Do Together…

  • Get Clarity - Define (or redefine) Your Mission, Niche and Ideal Clients
  • Get Your Systems Set Up & on Autopilot so you can Grow & Scale Your Business
  • Continue to Discover New & Cutting Edge Strategies to Support You in Your Dream Business

Here’s How We’ll Do It…

  • Two 90 minute Group Zoom Calls per month with content and hot seat coaching - for 12 months
  • Presentations and Guest Speakers
  • Unlimited Access to Private Members Only Facebook Group for Questions, Feedback and Celebrations

I wanted to provide an affordable option for those who can't afford a 1:1 coach. And I wanted to provide 2 payment options.

One-time Payment


for 12 months of access

12 Monthly Payments


for 12 months of access

About Me

Karen Grill

Hi! I'm Karen.

I started my first online business over 10 years ago. I made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot. I'm now able to help my clients build thriving online businesses.

Tech is an area that intimidates a lot of female entrepreneurs. I want to help them learn the essential tech - so they can share their gifts with the world.

Still can't decide?

See what my clients say about me...

Stephanie F.

When I started working with Karen,

  • I wasn’t clear on packaging my services
  • I didn’t have a clear vision of who my ideal client was
  • I was spending a lot of time doing menial tasks

I was able to accomplish all of my goals and much more in working with Karen.

Sarah Michelle

OMG I highly, highly recommend that youwork with Karen.

She took my creative, spreadsheet-averse mind, and helped me develop a system that actually EXCITES me!