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I had a Pinterest business account for a while.  I didn’t particularly use it – just pinning from time to time.

But when I created a strategy for using it – my traffic and signups skyrocketed!  Here are some of the top tactics I used.  (from September I went from 100 monthly views to over 200,000 by February!  And my biggest gain was from around Dec 1 – February 1st – from 1,000 to over 200,000!)

Pinterest Keywords

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you will want to ensure that you have carefully selected keywords that are connected to your business. The best way is to look at the search bar.

Start by typing a word in the search bar – but don’t hit “enter” yet.



You will see that it provides a list of other possible keywords, as well as people and boards. (Notice how my profile appears because I have the keyword “time management” in my profile name?)

Then if you actually click enter – you will get a page like this.



At the top, you will see a list of tiles with words.  These are additional – longer tail keywords – that are with your base keyword.  So for “time management” – then you can click on one of the tiles.  I clicked on “for moms” – the first tile.

And here’s what you see.  A list of more tiles/keywords.  And pins that are associated with this keyword.



As with other search engines, it may be hard to rank just for “time management.”  But by adding “for moms” – it’s both more specific and less people are liking using it.  That may allow you to rank higher.

Finding your ideal keywords is very important.  You will want to pick broad topics – and then go down and find all the additional keywords that are relevant to you and your business.  Pinterest really helps you out with their tile system.

You can see what keywords are popular – by looking at the pins – and their statistics.  Then you have some ideas for blog posts.
Another place you can look is the “explore” feed. If you click on the “compass-like” button – it will show you trending items, and different categories.  This might spark some ideas for new topics and keywords.


Getting the best keywords for your business is important to increasing your monthly views, traffic to your website, and signups for your email list.


Pinterest Profile

Profile Name – At first, most people put their business’ name as their profile name.  That’s fine – but probably not enough.  You’ll want to put some keywords as well.  For instance, here’s mine

And here’s another example

As you can see, we both include our name.  Her business is her name, while I included my business name.  Then we both have some keywords.  She even includes her website.  Think about the topics that you write about, the topics that people are interested in.  This will help when people are searching for specific keywords – your profile will come up!


Pinterest Boards

Now that you have your keywords, you will want to use them everywhere.  At first, people made board names something cute or a phrase that meant something to them.

But you need to think about what people are searching for.  Think about your potential audience. So use your keywords – to attract your audience.

I have a Board Name “Time Management for Moms.”  I come up when anybody searches for that.  If I had named it “Cool Time Stuff” – it’s unlikely that you would search for a phrase like that.  Make sure your board names are relevant to your business with appropriate keywords.

I also recommend having one board – that perhaps isn’t a keyword – that is your “Best of” board.  It could be a board for your blog, or your business.  But this is the board where you will first pin your pins.  Everything should start from here.

Here is an image of my boards:


Make sure the board names are keywords, but also make sure the descriptions include keywords as well.

You can also see that I added board covers to most of my boards – but I’m not sure that had any effect on my monthly views.


Pinterest Roundup

These are my top 3 tactics to getting your Pinterest business account up and running.  While it may take a little time and work, I have found it to be extremely helpful for my business!

I increased traffic to my website, my signups for my optins have exploded, and interest and inquiries in my business have increased as well.


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3 Top Tactics to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Account

3 Top Tactics to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Account