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Summer creates special challenges for mom entrepreneurs.  We’re home, the kids are home, we want to relax but we also need to work and earn money.

Here are my summer tips to help you survive the summer as a mompreneur. 

Summer Tips

Summer Tip #1

My first tip is “Don’t Plan Everything.”  Coming from a woman that loves to plan, talks about productivity and time management, this may seem like a strange  tip.  But I’ve learned over time that it’s important to keep summer different from the school year.

Nine months out of the year, we plan – and have to plan for school, activities, sports, homework, church, etc.  Summer should feel different.  It should have a more relaxed feel – not the over-scheduled rest of the year.

And one way to do that is to NOT plan all your activities.

Yes – I want you to make decisions about your business.  How much you’re going to work and then plan your time. But the rest of the time – the extra time with your kids, you don’t need to plan everything.  It’s better to go with the flow and ensure that you can be the cool, relaxed mom that you’ve always wanted to be.

Summer Tip #2 – Know Your Numbers

Since mompreneurs have limited time (especially in the summer), it’s important to know some specific numbers.

First, you need to understand how much you’re going to work.  How many days per week?  How many hours?  How many days for the total summer?

This number is important as it drives several other key numbers. 

Second, now that you know how much you’re going to work – you can understand how much you can and want to earn.  Think about the summer timeframe and decide how much you want to earn.  So let’s say you want to earn $5,000 for the summer (about 2 months).  For the number of working days – you’ll know better understand how much you need to earn per day/week.

Third, you can now understand how many programs you want to sell this summer and how many of each.  For instance, maybe you have a DIY course that costs $47.00.  And you also have a larger group program that sells for $497.00.  Now you know how many of each you need to sell to reach your $5,000 goal for the summer!

Knowing your numbers will allow you to set appropriate and realistic goals for the summer!

Summer Tip #3:  Mom Screen Time

We often talk about screen time for our kids.  But I also think we need to talk about “Mom Screen Time.”  While I understand that it can be hard to juggle your business and family – especially in the summer…I think it’s important to focus and be present to what you’re doing.

If you’re working on your business – focus on it and don’t let distractions bother you.  And most likely you’re on your phone – and that’s fine (if you’re making progress in your business).

If you’re with your kids – at the pool, hanging out – put down your phone!  Be present with your family.  Give your full attention to them – they’ll notice it and feel very important.  

Down the road, you don’t want your kids to say – my mom wasn’t paying attention to me because she was on her phone.

Summer Tip #4 – Review Your Expenses

I find that the summer is a great time to review all your expenses.

– Are you using that shopping cart?
– Have multiple hosting companies?
– Bought domain names that you’ve never used?
– Perhaps you have subscriptions to software that you don’t use?

Whatever the case, block off some time to review all the expenses you have.

What a better time to find some “extra” money!


Stay tuned!



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