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“But Karen, I want a website like Marie Forleo.”  My answer?  “Start Where You Are!”

I can’t tell you the number of clients I’ve had who want a website like Marie Forleo or Ali Brown or _____(other top entrepreneur).

I would too – but they’re custom websites and probably cost more than $100,000!

And Marie Forleo did NOT start with the website she has now.  Look at a couple of these early websites

None of these are like the amazing website she has now!  But she started with a website that reflected her business when she started.  As she understood her audience, sold her services, she was able to continually change her website to match her new level of success.

One of my mentors, Bushra Azhar, started with a website that she built herself.  She will even admit that it was horrible.  But – she got clients from it.  Her website converted even though it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing.  She did her website herself.  She did the best she could.  You do not have to have a “perfect” website to get clients.

She is now a super successful online business owner – helping people with persuasion!

Start Where You Are

Sometimes it’s due to perfectionism, or because you have high ideals.  But the point is to start where you are.

If you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, you will not have the same website as you do in 5 years.

Now I’m not saying to have a bad website, but have the best one you can.  Don’t take out a mortgage, don’t go too far into debt.

Whether it’s membership portals, email marketing, social media schedulers, microphones – choose the one that matches your level.  Marie Forleo did not start with a professional production company for her videos.  But that’s where she is now.

Plus, in the earlier stages of your business – you often do not know your target audience well, or the messaging that resonates.  Wait until you have nailed your brand, message, audience – then you can think about a fancy website.

When you do better in business – you can get a better website.

Until then, have a website for your business that works.


Instead of worrying about the look of your website, or what microphone to use – focus instead on

  1. getting clients,
  2. understanding your target audience,
  3. creating your messaging that resonates with your tribe
  4. hone your skills
  5. pay for a mastermind
  6. hire a coach
  7. etc.


These items will get you ahead faster than if you put all your focus and energy on your website.



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Start Where You Are