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Whenever the cherry blossoms start to bloom and the weather starts to warm up – I am always in the mood to spruce up my house, inside and out.  Brighter curtains and pillows and planting flowers.  It’s also a great time to clean and spruce up your business.  From files to passwords, there’s a lot to do.

Here’s my list to get you started on Spring Cleaning For Your Business:

  1. Files – this one is big, but if you break it up, it’s not so overwhelming.  If you’re like me – I tend to keep every version of blog posts, images, social media posts, reports, etc. There’s no need to keep so many versions – only 1-2.   I try to do a certain number of files per week in my admin time block (for information on my time block method sign up for my free optin here).
  2. Folder Names – if you see that some of your digital file folders are getting too large (and hard to find stuff) it may be time to break them up.  Maybe you had a “social media” folder – you may want to break it up into components – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  It will make finding docs more manageable.  This task may be an easy one to delegate to a VA – just be sure to give clear instructions.
  3. Passwords – experts recommend that you change your passwords often – so this is a great time to do it!  Even if you use a Password Manager – this may be a good time to change your Global Password.  With all the security breahces, it doesn’t hurt.  I also change my social media passwords, email, and WordPress website passwords, etc.  And if you haven’t done sot, I recommend enabling two-factor authentication where you can.  While it can be a pain at times (an extra step) it offers a higher level of protection against hackers.  (And cleaning up after a hack is even more work.)
  4. Profiles – I don’t know about you, but I often change or update my services, but rarely do I update across all my profiles.  Make a list – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc and updated your copy.  Continuity across platforms helps to create a cohesive brand.
  5. Graphics/Images – Whether you have a Facebook Cover Photo or a Twitter photo – it’s a nice time to freshen up your social media profile graphics.  In addition, the sizes for all of the social media graphics change often – so it’s a great time to ensure that your images are the proper size.
  6. Finances – Maybe you had great intentions to keep up with your expenses, Quickbooks, invoicing – whatever you use.  Maybe time to get everything o track and review your income and expenses.  See if you’re on track or if you need to make some adjustments (sell more products/services, spend less, etc.).
  7. Software – are you using all the software that you’re paying for?  Review them all – and cancel if you’re not.  It’ll help free up some money.  You may also find that you may need to upgrade your software, or find a new vendor.
  8. Facebook – Not everyone may have this issue, but I usually have tons of items in the “Saved” folder.  I do try to go through and delete – but I’m not always good about it.  So spring is a good time to clean up the items I’ve watched and read.

There’s my list to get you started getting your business cleaned up – which in turns helps with your business efficiency.

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