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Snow Day

If you’re a mompreneur, the early morning screams of delight by your kids for a snow day can be gut-wrenching.

Recently, in one week we had:

  • 3 hour early release
  • Full day off
  • 2 hour delay

All in a row.    These snow delays could have been the end of work for many.  Luckily, I had already made time in my schedule for such events.  (Okay – not quite this much…but quite a large amount.)

Buffer BlocksTM for Snow Days

If you’re a mom entrepreneur I urge you to schedule in at least 2 extra hours of time each week – with nothing assigned to it. I have my clients create blocks with no tasks or themes.  If you use a time block schedule (which I recommend) make 1-2 “buffer” blocks.  “Free” time.  Unscheduled time.  I usually put it at the end of the week – and swap those blocks out when needed.

Snow Day in window; Snow days don't let them disrupt your businessIn the winter – if you live in an area prone to large amounts of snow or ice (or a school district skittish about snow, kids and buses) you may want to schedule even more time each week. Our school district close our schools for 1/2 inch of snow.  So in January I have lots of blocks for these potential snow days.

What happens if there isn’t a snow-related event?  It’s a bonus!  You have some extra time to work in your business! (Just remember to create a plan for this time – you don’t want to waste it!)


Snow Day Options

Here are some other options for snow days.

If you have a good friend/neighbor who’s home – try swapping kids.  Maybe she can take all the kids in the morning – and you can work during that time.  And in the afternoon you take the kids – so she can get work done, or clean the house or rest – whatever she needs.  (When you do have the kids – I recommend being “present”.  Do some fun activities – make some memories for and with your kids.  Try and make it special.)

If you have a mother’s helping” have them come over for a couple of hours to occupy your kids.  It’s probably not interruption-free” but maybe enough for 20 minutes or pomodoros of time.

If the roads aren’t too bad or you live near a gym or YMCA, etc. – many of my clients take their kids there to have them in the childcare.  That gives them a little time to work on their business.  (I don’t want this to become a habit if you’re committed to work out – but to help keep your business on track during snow days.)

Don’t let snow days trip you up.  Don’t let snow days stop you from getting tasks done.  You may not get everything done that you had planned.  But so often my clients just give up.  They stop working – and their business comes to a halt.

I urge you to brainstorm in advance some potential options for you and your business – when the unexpected happens.  Don’t let the snow days stop your business nor take away the time to make memories with your children.


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Snow Days - Don't let them disrupt your business as a mompreneur schedule, time management, planning

 Snow Days - Don't Let Them Disrupt Your Business Snow Days - Don't Let Them Disrupt Your Business