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I recently read a blog post about simplifying gift giving from several years ago by Danyelle (read here: and

I loved the idea of just giving 4 gifts – Want, Need, Wear, Read.  We had always sort of done this – just not with the labels – and we did exchange more than four gifts.


I thought this concept would work well for small businesses as well.  If there are some items that you want/need for your business – this may be a great way to think about it.  A framework for giving or for asking for gifts.


However, instead of the “wear” I thought about adding “Tools”.

Small Business Giving


Here are some ideas – either for your self or for gifts for colleagues/friends:


  • Want – maybe for some inspiration you want a great big wall calendar or a new lighting setup for videos.


  • Need – perhaps you need a new printer cartridge or a new mic.


  • Tool – maybe it’s a tool for invoices – like Freshbooks or accounting software like Quickbooks.  Or maybe you want to upgrade to a paid level for project management software like Asana or Trello.


  • Read – There are hundreds of great business books. I think it’s important to continue to read and learn.  Buy a couple of books that you can read throughout the year.


As you can see, I think this framework works just as well for your business.


What are your favorite business gifts?  What will you get?  Share your business “presents.”


Our Small Business Gift Guide will be coming out soon.  Stay tuned!