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Most new entrepreneurs get tripped up on the steps needed to create their first website. And domains and hosting are a big part of the process.

I designed websites for some time, and want to share a KEY tip for these new entrepreneurs.

WordPress Website

For your WordPress website, there are a couple of key components.

  1. – this is the software that creates the framework for your website
  2. Domain – this is the name of your website. The URL. (ie
  3. Hosting – this is the service that hosts (houses) your files for your wordpress websites – so that it can be shown on the web.

These components all work together.

For the Domain name, I usually recommend a place like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Make sure to pay extra for “private registration” – so that anyone who searches “WHOSIS” can’t find your name and address.

For Hosting, I like Siteground or A2Hosting for your hosting service. Regardless of who you go with, make sure to stay away from EIB-owned companies. As soon as this conglomerate buys these hosting companies – their service goes waaaayyyyy down.

Separate Your Domain and Hosting

Here’s my KEY tip:

I always recommend that you purchase your domain and hosting from separate places.

Why, you might ask?

If you ever have a problem with your hosting company, you can easily change.

All you have to do is change your domain nameservers to point to your new hosting company (it’s a little technical – but suffice it to say it’s easy and most domain companies will walk you step by step through the process).

If you have both your domain and hosting at one company – if their service tanks and you want to leave – there is no incentive for this company to do it quickly.

In addition, I don’t recommend the “bundled” domain name and hosting together for the reason above but also sometimes you don’t actually own the domain – you’re just leasing it. (It’s all in the fine print!)

As an online business, your website could be one of your greatest assets. Treat it that way. Make sure you’re in control of all the components (at least as much as you can be).

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