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I work with motivated mom entrepreneurs like you who love their business and love their families.

The only problem is they are scrambling to find time to do their work, feeling guilty about not having enough time for their family – let alone time for themselves.

Together we’ll create a plan for your business and life, organize your business tasks, and create a schedule so that you can do the work you love and still read your children bedtime stories.

If only it wasn’t so hard to do both…
have a successful business and spend time with your family….

Does this sound familiar?:

  • Running from place to place; bouncing from task to task
  • You’re constantly forgetting activities and appointment and can never get to the bottom of your inbox
  • NO time for yourself – even to take a shower
  • Scrambling to take your kids to activities, finish your work, clean the house, do the laundry….
  • You can’t find the time to do the simplest activities with your family, like reading your kids a bedtime story
  • Lost yourself in between being a mom, a business owner, housekeeper, chauffeur, chef…

I understand – and can help!  

Most mom entrepreneurs have stress, feel mom guilt and worry about their business.

Imagine going from scrambling all day long to the calm of being prepared for your day and doing your best work and eating dinner with your family.

Imagine looking at an organized schedule that included the work you love, quality time with your kids, and even some time for you.

How would you show up for your kids if you were no longer anxious and stressed by juggling your work and family?

Imagine snuggling with your kids under a blanket while you read silly stories together….



This is too good to be true...

it may seem that way – but truly we can create a schedule that will banish the overwhelm and streamline your business and life.

Helping me redo my schedule will take way more time than 90 minutes...

Many people think this way.  However, I’ve been able to help over 25 mompreneurs redo their schedules with this very offer!

Remember that first there is a short questionnaire to complete, then we have the 90 minute call and then in two weeks we have a 30 minutes follow up call.

With all of this, we can create a new schedule that incorporates your business and time for your family.

It should cost way more money

I love helping mompreneurs.  I have a goal to help 100 momprenurs in 2020 and want to make it affordable. 

No mom should have to live with:

  • overwhelm
  • mom guilt
  • stress

Let’s focus and create a schedule that allows you to do the work you love and still have time for your family!

“I always hesitate before working with someone if I think I could figure it out myself if I just tried hard enough.

Listening to Karen for just a half hour showed me that she has real actionable strategies to help me manage my time and my schedule in an entirely different manner than I had ever considered before.

If you know your schedule and time management needs help, I highly recommend working with Karen. She really knows her stuff and can help you make order out of your scheduling work-life mess!”

Sori A.

Founder, Focal Point Graphics

These sentiments are similar to so many moms who resist creating a schedule – as they’ve either tried in the past and failed – or have never even used one.

That’s where the Scrambling to Scheduled program can change your life by taking you from juggling 10 balls in the air to having the time to relax and enjoy your life.


Scrambling to Scheduled


Scrambling to Scheduled includes:


Jump Start Questionnaire

Prior to our session, you’ll complete a short assessment about your current business, schedule, and family – to see where your time is going and where you lack balance.  Doing this work ahead of time will allow us to spend the call on creating customized solutions to provide your the work-life balance you desire.

90-min Breakthrough Call

We walk through creating a customized schedule that fits your business goals, family goals and self goals

You  will learn how to:

  • be strategic so that you can do the important things and ditch the rest
  • create priorities so that you can stop feeling like you’re letting people down
  • manage your time so that you can watch each and every soccer game


This breakthrough call allows us to create a schedule that you’re able to take control of your life and business.

  • Bask in the happy glow of a thriving family
  • Lounging in serene a bubble bath relaxing and thinking your own, quiet thoughts
  • Drama-free mornings with your family so that everyone starts the day on the right foot
  • Banish the chaos and have your business and home run like clockwork

All  of these are possible with your new schedule.


Test Drive

Test your new schedule for approximately 2 weeks.

Over your two week test drive you will begin to

  • Stop the exhausting mom and kid meltdowns
  • Create order out of your chaotic schedule mess
  • Eliminate the soul-sucking, gut-wrenching mom guilt and actually encompass yourself in the love of your kids
  • Candle-lit date nights with your partner where you can actually have a glass of wine and an adult conversation
  • Go from feeling completely drained to a ball of happy energy


30-min Follow-up Call

In this call, I will answer any questions or help you make any tweaks so that  you bring back any areas of chaos that still exist.

 After all the goal is for your business and life to run drama  and chaos free.

You will then have the perfect schedule for your amazing life – giving you the time to actual live it!


It’s time for you to design your perfect schedule  so you can

  • Eliminate mom guilt – and finally be the mom you want
  • Stop the overwhelm so that you can feel like a normal person again
  • Master your time so you can have the life of your dreams
  • Free up your time so you can have the impact on the world you want

Now you can finally have the business you want

while spending time with your family.

I live the life of a mom entrepreneur right along with you. I know our special challenges inside and out.  I have the experience and techniques to create the schedule that fits your complicated, crazy, and amazing life.

When you finish my signature scheduling process for mom entrepreneurs – you will finally have the tools to do great work in your business, have more impact in your community, participate in the lives of your children and take the time you need for yourself to grow and give back.


If having a work-life balance seemed elusive, sign up for the Scrambling to Scheduled program today!


Scrambling to Scheduled

Investment:  $297.00

Here’s how to get started!

Step 1: Click the Buy Now button
Step 2: You’ll be taken to my scheduler, Calendly, to pay and schedule your call.
Step 3:  You will have the opportunity to answer the Jump Start Questionnaire (preliminary form) – to help give me some background.
Step 4:  At our scheduled time, we’ll have our Scrambling to Scheduled 90 minute session.
Step 5:  I’ll send you a link to schedule your follow-up session (approximately 2 weeks after our main call).


Any additional questions?  I’m happy to help! Here’s my email


Need Additional Support?


If you need additional help with time management, business systems, content curation, social media, I do have custom coaching packages available.  Please contact me  for more information.