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What is a Second Act Mom?

  • Did you have a career previously?
  • Have you been out of work for many years?
  • Do you have children who are older (middle or high school)?
  • Do you have an urge to use your education and work experience again?
  • Do you want to work a part-time flexible schedule?
  • Willing to work hard and use your skills in a new way?
If so, you may be a Second Act Mom!
I’ve been lucky to count as friends and acquaintances many extremely smart, talented women. Not only did they have great educational credentials, but they also had successful and rewarding careers.

When they had children, they became warm, nurturing mothers. As their children got older, they started to feel that they had more free time. And many started to think about working again, but on their own terms.

But having been out of the workforce for a number of years, they weren’t sure where to start.

We can help. We’ve put together a variety of training and tools that will be released soon – to help get Second Act Moms started.

If you are a Second Act Mom – what can you do next?

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If Second Act Moms isn’t for you, no problem! We’ll gave you a hand to get back on track!