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A plan is essential to the success of your online business.  However, if you don’t make time to plan – you may always be scrambling.  So make a time block in your schedule to plan.  Maybe Friday afternoons, or Sunday evenings or even Monday mornings.  Block off a time in your schedule – to figure out your schedule for the week.  Here’s to planning for your success!


When you first start a business – you’re working so hard to make it successful.  At the beginning, you often take clients or do projects that don’t really align with your business.   At first I used to file patent applications for my clients.  I stated that I need the information 24-48 hours in advance.  Instead, it got to be 10:58 pm and they sent me emails saying that this application needs to be filed by midnight.  This wasn’t how I wanted to work at all.  I decided to drop this service – and I was able to control my hours again.  Make sure that you set the boundaries in your business that allows you to have the business that fits your life.


I always recommend that you purchase your domain and hosting from separate places.  If you ever have a problem with your hosting company, you can easily change where your domain nameservers point to (it’s a little technical – but suffice it to say it’s easy).  You’re not held hostage by your host company – that since you’re leaving has very little incentive to quickly help you move your domain to another host.



If you sometimes have problems logging in to your WordPress website, it’s useful to have another user set up.  That way you always have an additional way to access your website.



If you often have unexpected events pop up during your week, start scheduling in “Buffer Blocks”.  These are blocks that you schedule that have no task assigned, but that you can use to move around during the week to fill in for those “unexpected” events.