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Goal Plan in blocks

Best Laid Plans….

At the beginning of the year, everyone is so excited about creating their plans for the new year.  It’s a blank slate.  Fresh ideas.  Anticipation of new things.  It’s the same for the beginning of a quarter.

You usually start off on track.  Things are going smoothly.  You’re checking tasks off like a master.  Creating content is a breeze.  Facebook lives – no problem.


– your child comes down with strep throat

– you get a stomach bug

– a client project goes haywire

– your spouse has to go out of town unexpectedly

– a parent is ill

Whatever calamity has befallen you, I find that most people can’t get back on their path.  They don’t know how to restart or reset.

They basically throw up their hands and give up.  Most just feel overwhelmed or helpless.  They throw their plan out the window and state plans don’t work for them.

I decided to put together some tips on regrouping – and getting back on track!

1) Give yourself a break.

So many people will beat themselves up.  It’s pointless.  Forgive yourself for the setback.  Give yourself time to rest, feel mad, grieve – but set a deadline.  Things happen to everyone.  And we need time to recover.  Only then will you be able to take that first tentative step forward.  Take the time to rest – set the deadline – and then start getting back on track.

2) Fresh Mindset.

It’s also important to come back with a positive attitude.  When your deadline is over – you come ready to work.  Tell yourself that the setback is in the past and it’s time to move forward.

I didn’t really believe how important mindset was – until I faced a setback.  And only working through it – did I realize that I had some choices to make.  I could chose to get up, focus, and make progress in my business – or sit and feel sorry for myself.

If you need help to start this new mindset – ask for help.  Journal. Write and say positive affirmations.  Whatever it takes

3) Look at Your Plan.

When a setback happens, most people never go back to the old plan as it’s a reminder of their perceived “failure.”  But it’s often the best starting point for finding the way forward in your business.  Now if there are tasks or projects that are no longer relevant, you can cross them off.  Then go back and circle those items that are still possible. I usually rank my tasks either by amount of time to finish them or by complexity/difficulty.

Choose 1 thing.  Only one.  One thing that you can complete today or this week.

You want to start rebuilding your confidence and momentum.

4) New Plan.Goals written on post-it on notebook with pen

Just because you got off track, that doesn’t mean that plans don’t work.  So this may be the time to start planning for your next 90 days – or whatever time frame works for you.

Review your original goals.  Are they the same?  Have they changed?

Roll over some of the projects from your first plan.  But be realistic.  Don’t double your work.  You want to create a plan that sets you up for success.

[Don’t have a plan?  Check out my Ultimate Guide to yearly Planning for Mom Entrepreneurs.]

5) Eliminate.

What are the tasks that are no longer necessary?  Irrelevant?  What did you underestimate in terms of time?  Be ruthless. WE usually overestimate the amount of time we have and underestimate the amount of time it takes to finish tasks.  (Note:  your plan may have gone off track anyway without your calamity because of this very issue!)  If you’ve created a longer plan or framework – you will want to revisit that as well

6) Schedule it!

If it’s not on your calendar, it’s not going to get done.

Whether you use a time block schedule with themes for different days of the week, you need to start putting the tasks for in your calendar if you’re going to stay on track, and reach your goals.

[If you have questions about time block scheduling, check out my free guide.]

Regroup with your new Plan

There you go.  Things happen – don’t let it stop you and your business.

Try these steps to get back on track.  Regroup – and keep moving forward.

Do you struggle to create a schedule that works for your business and family? 

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