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March is here. Boy have January and February flown by.

It may seem unreal, but NOW is the time to plan for summer, especially if you are planning on working less and taking time off.

While you may be gone this summer, you do not want your business to come to a complete halt.  It’s hard to recapture any momentum, build your social platforms back up again, and reconnect with your ideal clients let along go without an income for so long.

But there is a way for you to have a scaled back summer and still continue with your work.

Here are some tips for planning for your summer break:

First, I want you to think about how you want to feel this summer.  Some mompreneurs want to relax and spend much of the time with their families.  Others want to work more in the summer since their kids are busy at camps. Whatever works for you, you must decide how you want to feel. Only then will your plan feel in alignment.

Second, you need to think about the timeframe for your summer.  For me, my children end school mid June and start again after labor day.  But, I always take some time off before school starts – with tryouts, back to school shopping etc. I want to ensure I have time for everything.  So my timeframe is June 15 – August 15 – a two month time period. I plan on having vacations, having a relaxing summer, while doing some client work.  What is your time frame?

Third, you need to think about your business priority for the summer.  Whether or not you’re going to have client work, group programs, no programs, etc.  Perhaps this is the time to have your “medium and small rocks” for the summer. Figure out the best time to do any programs – remember not to schedule them right before or after a vacation.  And be sure to include some buffer time before and after any larger program. When you define your priority for your business this summer – you will be able to take time off and still have it keep running.

Fourth, you need to think about your weekly schedule.  Do you want to work everyday? Half days? Only three days a week? Maybe you want to take Fridays off entirely.  Whatever you want to do – that’s fine. Just be realistic about the schedule you want to have compared to your priority for your business.

Fifth, now is the time to batch write blog posts, social media posts, create graphics, pins, – and get them scheduled. Let’s say you like to do some videos to connect with your clients.  Start creating the videos on a variety of topics and record them now. Then schedule out later for the summer. Creating and scheduling now allows you to maintain your profiles while taking the time off you desire. (This is a great time to start outsourcing your graphics, or scheduling blog posts as well.  Finding a VA now will help you outsource some tasks for the summer.)

Now is the time to set your plan for the summer to ensure that you can take the time off you want.  Follow these tips to have the summer of your dreams!