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1 On 1 Coaching with Karen Grill

Business & Productivity Coach

Work Less, Earn More,  and Have Time for your Family and Yourself

Using my Signature System, we ensure that all the parts of your business are working!  Go from scrambling to strategic.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Business Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Business, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

You’re doing all the things….  You’re busy but not making progress.  You’ve taken programs and courses but haven’t quite moved forward.  A personal business can help you create a plan to ensure that you have all the foundational components of your business and the strategies to run your business efficiently.

What Is Business Coaching?

A Business Coach helps with clarity

Business coaches often start with the owner’s vision for their business.  They’ll map out a vision and then create goals around it.

Business Coaches hold you accountable

Many business owners have trouble focusing on the important work and instead are just “busy.”  A business coach will help you set goals – and help you stay on track to meet them.

Business Coaches help you develop strategies

Often owners do lots of work – jumping from one thing to another – instead of creating strategies for all aspects of their business.

Business Coaches help with Systems

If you want to work less and earn more, you have to create systems in your business to be efficient.

Using my Signature System, we ensure that all the parts of your business are working!  Go from Scrambling to Strategic.


Identify your ideal client – who you want to work with


Create an elevator pitch that speaks to your ideal client


Create an effective sales funnel, including optin and sales page


Systems and Schedules

Create systems to free up your time to focus on the business and a flexible schedule

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

When you first become a business owner, you may not consider hiring a coach.  But often a coach can fast-track your results.

You've taken course after course....

Courses can be a great way to learn…if you actually complete them.  But often you still have some questions or issues that haven’t been solved.

You've tried to copy influencers, but it's not working for you....

Each business and business owner is unique.  You need to develop strategies that work for your clients – not somebody else’s.  A coach can help you with that.

You've downloaded tons of optins....

Optins can be a great way to learn small parts of your business.  But it’s hard to put them together for your overall business.

You're busy working in your business, not on your business...

You’re busy – maybe exhausted.  You’re doing everything but not making progress.  You need to have a larger, overall view of your business.  You’re the CEO.  A coach can help you.

You're stressed and confused...and you're not sure what to do.

A coach can help you analyze your business, giving you an outside perspective, and hold you accountable to taking steps forward.

My Approach

I believe that every business must have some fundamental components in order to grow.

Some businesses need more work on their messaging than on their systems.  I love to customize plans for each business.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Then we’ll get to work and crush your goals!


Choose a Coaching Plan

Decide which coaching engagement would work best for your situation.  (We can also discuss on a free call.)

Reach Your Goals

Then we’ll get to work and crush your goals!

2 Hour Coaching Session

Just have a couple of items that you have questions about?  Whether it’s social media or website or tech or messaging, grab a two-hour session.  We’ll create an agenda, I’ll answer your questions, show you how to do it, and get things done!


More Details

A one-time 2 hour session to solve one discrete problem.


VIP Coaching Intensive – 8 Week Coaching Package

We create the foundations for your business so that it can grow and scale.

We start with my signature system –  Clarity then Communication, Sales, Systems/Scheduling.  We customize it to your needs.

Throughout you will have accountability and mindset work.

More Details

 Ready to create a solid business or take it to the next lever?

The package includes

  • Initial consultation to map out your goals for the time period
  • 6 coaching calls over 8 weeks
  • FB Messenger or Voxer access to me for the 8 weeks
  • Trainings on tech, social media – whatever you need
  • Weekly accountability – you send me your goals for the week and your progress at the end of the week

Custom Coaching Package

Have special issues?  Let’s chat and create a package that fits your needs.

Still Have Questions?