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One of the key tools in my mompreneur arsenal?  My Mobile Biz Kit for Mompreneurs! (Check out my original post.)

What is it?  It’s a small bag I have with lots of items that I can grab and get work done on the go!

Think about all the times you’re

  • sitting at the doctor’s office
  • waiting at piano lessons
  • hanging out at soccer practice…

There is a lot of time where we could be productive!  (Check out my post how I wrote a kindle book in my car at soccer practice.)

But you need to have it prepared ahead of time.  AND it needs to be a DEDICATED bag! If you drive the same car all the time, I’d leave it in there.  For me, I leave it right by the door – and grab it on my way out the door. (Note – it’s a pretty bright bag – hard to miss….)

Back to school and a new season brings some changes to my Mobile Biz Kit.

Check out what I have in it now!

Mobile Biz Kit:  Fall Edition

Physical Items for my Mobile Biz KitTablet bag. Mobile Biz Kit Time management for Mompreneur

Here are some of the things I stash in my bag:

  1. Phone (though this isn’t in my kit.  It’s with me.)
  2. Tablet/Kindle
  3. Small Notebook
  4. Journal
  5. Pens/Pencils
  6. Battery backup for my tablet, phone
  7. Car plug – so that I can charge or recharge on the way
  8. Small Phone light – for videos or selfies
  9. Book light – it’s still dark at some practices and I clip it to my notebook to write posts
  10. Headphones – sometimes you don’t want to hear the shouts at the sports field or the gossip


Non-physical items for my Mobile Biz Kit

Prepare these ahead of time:

  1. Articles – Make sure to always have some articles (Evernote, Pocket, Google Drive) available to read.  You may have to make sure that they are available offline
  2. Kindle – Whether you have a tablet or a Kindle, make sure you have a collection of books to read on the Kindle App. I try to have some about business or inspiration or mindset – so that I have something that fits my mood and/or environment.  Make sure to download it ahead of time so that you can read it offline.
  3. Spotify/iTunes – I try to have some good music for productive work to drown out other sounds
  4. Podcasts – Download some business or mindset podcasts ahead of time (and make sure to have your earphones).


Tasks You Can Do on the Go

  1. Spark file – (instead of Swipe file I have Spark – it’s more positive) – review those things you’ve accomplished – and keep track of them.  If you’re feeling down, look at them to give you inspiration!
  2. Write a blog post
  3. Write out a couple of social media posts
  4. Read business or inspirational kindle book
  5. Write in the journal – affirmations, what I”m feeling, etc.
  6. Take pictures or videos – do a lot for social medial posts, instagram stories, videos
  7. Voice to text messages on things to do using the Evernote or Notion app or Google Docs
  8. Map out a sales funnel
  9. Write emails to your list
  10. And more…


What do you have in your mobile biz kit?  What tasks do you do on the go?



Mompreneur Mobile Biz Kit