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As a Second Act Mom, you’ll try to work part-time in your business in order to spend time with kids after school.  However, I end up sitting at sports practices and/or music lessons for hours.  No reason to waste that time.  So I developed a “Mobile Biz Kit” that I take everywhere – just in case.

I bought an inexpensive tablet case with a handle.  I have a tablet, though you could use a phone or kind as well.  I always have a notebook, pen, book (re business).  If you don’t really have any electronic devices – don’t worry.  At some locations, you may not get good reception anyway.  I often use my paper notebook to write down blog posts, or strategies (then I take snapshots with my phone and upload to Evernote).  Or you can then type up whatever you have written.


My mobile kit

Physical Kit

Here are some of the things I stash in my bag:

  1. Tablet/Phone
  2. Notebook, pen
  3. Battery backup for my tablet, phone
  4. Car plug – so that I can charge or recharge on the way
  5. Tablet bag
  6. Book
  7. Small flashlight

But it’s not only about the physical items, but being prepared with your digital items.

Non-physical kit

There are things that you should always have prepared ahead of time:

  1. Articles – Make sure to always have some articles (Evernote, Pocket, Google Drive) available to read.  You may have to make sure that they are available offline
  2. Kindle – Also I have books on my Kindle App about business that I’ve downloaded so I can read.  Make sure to download it on your tablet so that you can read it without internet
  3. Review Website – maybe you want to review a website or redesigning your own – take a snapshot and save it for later
  4. Brainstorm topics – put together themes or ideas for your Editorial Calendar
  5. Draw up plans for a sales funnel
  6. Write auto responder sequences
  7. Map out a Facebook strategy or a social media strategy (types of posts, when to post, frequency, graphics, etc.)
  8. Plan out your task list in Asana, Trello, etc.
  9. Design a Sales Page

There are tons of tasks that you can do – even if you’re not at the computer.  I always have tasks that aren’t urgent, but that I need to get to.  Always have the list on hand (or on your phone).  It’s important, though, to think in advance as it may take a little preparation on your part to have articles or tasks ready for you to complete.  You never know when you might have time to work on it!

The key is maximizing the time you have available to allow you to have the fun moments with your kids.