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One of our most popular posts has been our “Mobile Biz Kit.”  It’s our kit for Second Act Moms who are on the go but can grab some time to get some work done.  But you need to be prepared.

As spring is coming, I realized that I need different things in my mobile biz kit.  Some of the same things…but some additions as well.

So here it is.

Mobile Biz Kit:  Spring Edition

Physical KitTablet bag. Mobile Biz Kit Time management for Mompreneur

Here are some of the things I stash in my bag:

  1. Tablet/Phone
  2. Notebook, pen
  3. Battery backup for my tablet, phone
  4. Car plug – so that I can charge or recharge on the way
  5. Tablet bag
  6. Book/Magazines
  7. Small flashlight – I have a flat, small flashlight
  8. Book light – it’s still dark at some practices and I clip it to my notebook to write posts
  9. Small Tripod – with spring, I realized there are great pictures to be taken everywhere.  The tripod helps.
  10. Selfie stick – I can’t believe I bought one, but it’s helpful for short Periscopes, or quick videos
  11. Headphone – sometimes you don’t want to hear the shouts at the soccer field or the gossip
  12. Popsockets – it attaches to the back of your phone and has a clip to hold it in the car

My tablet bag is starting to bulge – but it’s still working.

Non-physical kit

Prepare these ahead of time:

  1. Articles – Make sure to always have some articles (Evernote, Pocket, Google Drive) available to read.  You may have to make sure that they are available offline
  2. Kindle – Also I have books on my Kindle App about business that I’ve downloaded so I can read.  Make sure to download it on your tablet so that you can read it without internet
  3. Spotify – I try to have some good music for productive work to drown out other sounds

Tasks You Can Do on the Go

  1. Spark file – (instead of Swipe file I have Spark – it’s more positive) – review those things you’ve gathered to give you inspiration!
  2. Brainstorm blog themes for the year – put together themes for your Editorial Calendar and then map out topics for each month
  3. Map out your social media strategy for the month – platforms, posts, when, graphics
  4. Schedule your tasks in your app Asana, Trello, etc.
  5. Design a landing page for a new optin or product – draw what you want where, draw graphics, write copy
  6. Take pictures – with great lighting, flowers and plants, time to take some photos to use for your website and social media graphics
  7. Send out tweets, respond to tweets, add followers
  8. Voice to text messages on things to do using the Evernote app
  9. Review your calendar – see if it’s realistic


What do you have in your mobile biz kit?  What tasks do you do on the go?

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Mobile Biz Kit - Time Management for Moms

Mobile Biz Kit - Time Management for Mompreneurs

Mobile Biz Kit - Time Management for Mompreneurs


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