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I hear many entrepreneurs talk about finding their “passion.”  And once you’ve found it – your business will “click.”  Everything will be wonderful and you’ll drive off into the sunset.Passion in smbiz smpost (1)

I disagree with this sentiment.  It has not been my experience nor that of the vast majority of small business owners I know.  If you are passionate about the topic of your business – that’s great!

But for people starting out – don’t wait to find your passion before creating a business.  I am not “passionate” about patent administration.  But I find helping my clients fulfilling  And I love the opportunity and flexible lifestyle that if provides me.  My business allows me to follow my passions – outside of my business.

Reasons you don’t need passion

Some people’s passion may not match their skill set.  Maybe you excel in accounting – but you are not passionate about it.  Instead you love cycling.  Your business can offer you the lifestyle and funds to purchase bikes, cycling gear, trips, etc.  even though that’s not your actual business.

I also know some people can get burned out by following their passion.  Either they did it 24/7 for such a long time – they had nothing more to give.  Or it wasn’t a true, long-lasting passion.  When I was 19 – the things I was passionate about were greatly difference from those in my 30s.

I also think that some people use it as an excuse not to get started.  They are afraid, paralyzed and it’s easier to use the excuse that they haven’t found their passion.  You’ll never have a business of any kind if you don’t take a chance and get started.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to like what you do.  If you hate what you do – you’ll be miserable – don’t do it.  At least look for something you like – and from there you can build your business.

Many famous entrepreneurs started out in one one business – and pivoted along the way.  Their entrepreneurial paths changed for a variety of reasons – market, new interests, needs, etc.  Even if they started with something they liked – then they followed a different path.


Small Business Factors

I think most small businesses depend on a variety of factors:

  1. Timing – sometimes luck does come into play
  2. Skills – do you have the appropriate skill set for the business?
  3. Hard work – no biz survives long without this
  4. Team – good colleagues, mentors
  5. On-going education – must not stagnate


So if you’re postponing your starting your business because you haven’t found an idea that you’re passionate about – think again.  Maybe you can find an idea that you like and at least take action!