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Everyone is busy.  Mompreneurs have so many tasks in their business to accomplish each week.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you have to do.  Time management is a true struggle.

Many people talk about a “brain dump” as an effective tool for getting all your tasks out of your head.  Basically, you write down all the things you have to do.  Create a big list of all the possible tasks you have to get done.

But then what do you do? Some people do talk about scheduling them – but often there is a big list.   You may schedule some – but you never get back to the rest.   It just seems like often the “brain dump” is where tasks go to die….in a big pile.

Instead, I like the concept of a “parking lot” better.

Time Management Parking Lot

The parking lot idea allows you to organize your big task list – and then have a plan for getting these tasks done.

Here’s the simple process for using this concept.

1. You write down all the tasks that you need to do (or can remember at that time).  Just write freely and as many as you can.

2.  Then you are going to start creating categories for your tasks.  Each task or “category” of tasks has a “parking spot.”  For the different categories, you can number the categories of tasks to group them.  Or write symbols ($, #, @).  Or Sometimes I color-code the tasks (administrative – yellow, website green, etc.)  Otherwise, I already know my categories and can quickly group them.

2. Then you need to prioritize them.

Your priority tasks then go on your schedule for the week (whatever planner or tool works best for you.  The best tool is the one you use….)  Your priority tasks will depend on your goals for the week, month, etc.

3. Any remaining tasks are left in the “parking lot.”  But I recommend that you make sure you prioritize the tasks in your parking lot as well.  Perhaps there’s a category that needs to be done first – write the priority in order – 1, 2, 3.

You did it!  Now you have your very own task parking lot.

You’ve already scheduled your priority tasks in your schedule for the week.

If you have “extra” time that week – you move to the task parking lot. Start with the priority tasks from the parking lot.  And begin finishing those tasks.

If you’re unable to finish them all, you have a starting point for the next week.

How do you like the idea of a task parking lot?  Have you ever tried it?  I’d love for you to try it and let me know!

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