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If you have kids, maybe they’re getting older. You may be feeling like you want to do something. Perhaps you had a career before you had kids. And you’d like to work, but not necessarily full-time in an office, away from your family. Instead you want something that allows you to do a little of both – work and spend time with your kids. I understand. I did the same thing. I created a successful part-time, online business – and have moved on to creating more.

Now I want to help other moms. That’s why I created this site and this community.

I have been in the online business world for almost 10 years with a successful patent administration business.  I have learned alot of about systems, tools, productivity, websites, social media – and am excited to be able to share all my knowledge with other mom entrepreneurs! My goal is simple: to help mom entrepreneurs share their knowledge and dream with the world by tackling their hardest challenges:  time management, scheduling, planning, making progress, taking consistent action, following the right path to reach their goals. 

Work With Me 1:1

Ready to take your business to the next level?  But not sure how to get there?

Maybe you’ve taken a dozen courses but not seeing results in your business.

It may be time for some individual help to move you forward.

Individual Planning Session

As Antoine de Saint-Exupery says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

As mom entrepreneurs, I believe planning is even more vital!  Our lives do involve our kids who have school schedules, activity schedules, etc.  Therefore, we definitely need to have our time planned effectively in order to make our business succeed!

I love working out plans for my momopreneurs.  Once they have the plan and set it in motion – it’s magic!

Accountability Group Program

Mompreneurs have really great ideas, plans, to do lists – but often that’s where it ends.

My accountability groups help entrepreneurs stay on track, make progress in their business, problem-solve issues that arise, and celebrate their wins!

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