The 5-Day Holiday Meal Plan Challenge (Nov. 27- Dec. 1)

Let’s get organized for a stress-free holiday!

Plan your ENTIRE Holiday Meal from start to finish in 5 days

Selecting recipes, organizing them, creating grocery lists, making a battle plan, etc.

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

step-by-step plan

You will get a daily actionable and step-by-step plan that will gather your recipes, create shopping lists, schedule the actual day, and allow you to cook the meal while enjoying your family.

Ditch the overwhelm

You will go from feeling overwhelmed and stressed, to prepared and polished.


You will be an organized, stress-free super hero!


You will transform from being just another “stressed-out” holiday mom to having your own solid plan and the hostess with the mostest!

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded women who all share the same goals!

This is how it Works

Once the challenge starts, on November 27th, you will receive daily emails with short tasks.

Every weekday morning between November 27th and December 1st

you will receive an email with the details of the challenge of that day.

Every day, the challenge of the day will be posted in our private facebook group

where all the participants of the challenge can share their work, ideas and results and get feedback and support.

Hi! I am Karen Grill

I, Karen, was a stressed-out, overwhelmed mom during holiday season.  I never felt the elation of talking with friends and familiy because I was always running around trying to prepare the food, and remember everything!

As a mom and entrepreneur, I have learned how to plan and schedule my precious time to get as much done as possible.  I turned these skills to the holiday time – and Voila!  I now am able to participate in and enjoy the festivities!

This short 5-Day challenge has been tried with many other women – and with great success!

All you have to do is spend approximately 15-30 minutes a day for 5 days (starting Nov. 27th) to go through the daily exercise, and you will have a complete holiday meal plan and strategy for your big holiday!

What EXACTLY will I be doing in the daily challenges?

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge you will:


all your recipes for the big day!



the type of digital program you will use to input your recipes (Evernote, Google Docs, Word, etc.) – and add your recipes!



a Master Shopping List for all your recipes.


a schedule for your entire day!



your lists, schedule – and do some of the little extras (setting the table, etc.)

This all sounds great but what if….

...I don’t have 15-30 minutes a day to complete the daily tasks?

No worries! You can do the daily challenges at your own pace and time, any time before your big holiday.   However, remember that a big part of taking the challenge in real time is working alongside other wonderful meal planners and sharing your work, struggles and ideas with them as well as getting gentle, constructive feedback, through our awesome closed Facebook group.

...I don’t like the challenge after I started?

Then just don’t do it! We are not twisting your arm here and it is completely FREE so you have nothing to lose! But I am pretty confident you will quickly realize the impact that a little planning can have on your holiday experience!

...I need help or have questions?

No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group, you will have easy access to others who may have the answer or solution you are looking for, and I will be answering questions as well in the group!