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While mom entrepreneurs work in the online business world, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need real world gifts!  Maybe you’re buying for your new Business friend, or maybe for your mom who is an entrepreneur…whatever the case you’ll find something that will move your business forward in the new year!  Show your appreciation by getting them some gifts that will make their life easier.  Check out my life of gifts for Mom Entrepreneurs.

[Note:  I am not affiliated with any of these products/services.  Either I have used them, have gotten great feedback about them or they are similar to something I use.]

Gifts for Mom Entrepreneurs

Here we go!


The variety of planners is astounding!  If you already have one you love – add that to the list.  Otherwise, here are a couple of options.

  1. Passion Planner – This planner is so versatile!  It has a weekly view, but with lots of extras – including places to draw funnels, website pages etc.  In addition it has a monthly and more long-term planner pages.  They offer a pdf of some pages for free for you to try out.  And it’s not too expensive.  $29.99 for the large size and now they have a couple of options with color.
  2. Danielle La Porte – Desire Map – She has amazing planners that are famous for focusing not only on business but also on your life vision.   She includes areas for gratitude, desires and soul.  $50.00 and up + shipping
  3. While I use a paper planner and have an online calendar as well – I still like a calendar pad on my desk for quick reference.  I’ve used a Weekly Desk Calendar Pad for years and love it.  It has space for me to quick write down notes, website addresses, names of people etc.  Depending on the colors, design it runs about $15.00.

[Not sure what planner to choose?  Take my Planner Quiz to help you decide!]

Office Gifts

  1. Desk Accessories – When you have a beautiful office – you’re inspired to work!  Give her the gift of some beautiful desk accessories like these.
  2. Wall Stickers – Since video is so important for an online business, it’s nice to have a great backdrop.  While it’s hard to redo the office, try out wall stickers like these with inspirational sayings to jazz up any wall.
  3. Backdrop – Another option is to have a full backdrop – to give some pizzazz to your videos or lives.  There are plenty of options, like this one, so check them out.
  4. Microphone – Whether for recording videos or podcasts, it’s important to have a good mic.  There are a lot of options out there, but I use the Blue Yeti – and it has worked well for me.
  5. Webcam – Even if she has a laptop, often the webcams are good enough to produce good quality videos or lives.  I use a Logitech webcam – and it has worked well.
  6. Selfie holder and ring light – Another option for good videos is a phone holder with a light.  These lights are great because you can choose warm or cool temperature and bright or less.  And – you don’t have to hold the phone.  It easily clips to your desk or table.  A great light in your toolbox.

BagsBag for tablets - gifts for mompreneurs

  1. Tablet Bag – I’ve been writing about my Mobile Biz Kit for some time – which helps me get work done on the go. I don’t leave home without it.  I bought mine years ago – so I don’t see any quite like it anymore, but there are some other great options available.  Tablet bags go for around $15.00 and up, a slightly larger one  or one specifically for the iPad by Padwa.  There are tons of options for colors and sizes.  Find the perfect one for mompreneur!
  2. Wristlet Wallet with Phone Pocket – While I often carry a large purse, sometimes I just want my wallet to run to the store, or to practice.  There are many different wristlets available – from $5.00 – $25.00. Others like this one are sleek.  Pick one to match her brand colors – or get her favorite color!
  3. Travel Bag – If you need to work when you travel, a great bag is vital to productivity. The Lug line of bags are built for optimizing space!  The Lug Puddle Jumper bag is a great option for those on the go. The Lug people have thought of everything and there is so much organization built in!  Everything fits!  It’s around $120.00 but a good investment.
  4. Nice Laptop Bag – I’ve had the same laptop bag for sometime.  It was nothing special.  But when I got a new laptop – I got a 17.3 inch one.  I needed a new laptop bag – and decided to go for a nice looking one with function.  Not a bag that looked like a laptop – but instead one that looked like a nice purse.  There are a ton of options – but I really like this one.


Car Accessories

If you’re like me, you may be driving your kids to different activities each day.  With limited to to work, I have found a way to work in my car (read my post about how I wrote a Kindle book in my car at soccer practice).  But it’s important to plan ahead.  Here are some things that making working from the car easier….

  1. Windshield Cover – If you live in the south or in California, you can skip this item.  But if you live in the north…this may be a lifesaver!  This windshield cover has saved me from freezing to death while scraping my windshield at 6:30am.  Such a brilliant, simple invention.  Before snow storms, or the night before you’re expecting frost, place it over your windshield.  In the morning, you come out and remove the cover!  Presto – it’s clean.  No brushing the snow off or searching for a scraper.  It literally saves me at least 10 minutes in the morning.  The $30.00 price tag is so WORTH IT!
  2. Car Charger – I have several in my car.  When you go on long trips -, using your phone with Google Maps – to ensure you don’t run out of battery.   There are tons of types at a variety of price points.  This one is around $10.00.  (Don’t forget the cords….)
  3. Zojirushi – Never heard of it? THE. BEST. THERMOS. EVER. This is the only thermos I use anymore!  I don’t know how they do it – but cold drinks stay cold for days….ice is still there 2 days later!  Be careful with hot drinks – they stay hot for a long, long time!  (Try adding an ice cube in hot drinks)  Not exactly FOR your car, but it helps make travel and working from your car more enjoyable.  It’s around $25.00 for a good size.
  4. Small Light – If you drive your kids to activities in the winter months, it can be dark while you’re trying to work in your car.  I like these little lights that you can use to help you get work done in your car.  Look for one that is USB rechargeable and has a larger bulb than a book lamp. These light up my car. Around $10.00.


Electronic Accessories

There are many little gadgets that can make your life easier.  Here are a few to check out.popsockets - gifts for mom business owners

  1. Popsockets – don’t know what they are?  I didn’t know either.  But once I got one – I don’t know how I lived without them.   At less than $10.00 – it’s a great small gift.  It’s really simple!  You attach it to the back of your phone or tablet.  It lies pretty flat – and then if you want to hold on to your phone – you pop it out.  It’s easier to grab on to!  There’s an additional hook you can add to your car so you can pop your phone on it.
  2. Small Book Light – If you’re a mom on the go, you may have some reading or writing to do. If you do it in the car at night – you may need a little extra light.  A book light works great!  Lots of options out there and they range between $8.00 – $20.00.
  3. Power Bank – Our phones have become integral to our work and life.  But if it starts to lose battery right when you need it – you can get into trouble.  Don’t worry – get a battery power bank – and you will be back on the go!  Various sizes and price points – this one is popular from Anker.


Security Gifts

OK.  Security isn’t sexy.  But it can be vital to a mobile business owner.

  1. RFID Blocking Sleeves – Protecting your information is vital.  If you’re often on the go, these RFID blocking sleeves are an easy way to protect your credit card and passport information from the bad guys.  A variety of choices and prices.
  2. VPN – As a mom entrepreneur, you may like to get out of your home office and work at coffee shops.  It can be a great change of pace.  But you will still want to protect your data – and a VPN is an easy way to go.  Basically a VPN will encrypt your data so others can’t “see” your information on public networks.  Tunnel Bear is one option with a free level, but there are many others out there.
  3. Backup Program – The biggest asset for most online entrepreneurs is their website.  In order to protect your asset, you must make backups.  In the past I’ve had clients who have come to me for help after their website has crashed – but with no backups.  For this important asset I recommend paying for a backup service. Two solid options are Backup Buddy and VaultPress with prices between $75 and $100 per year.  The price is well worth – if you compare it to the cost of creating a new website.  (These services also make it easy if you ever want to change hosts.)
  4. Website Security – What’s the point of having a website and backing it up if it’s not secure.  Luckily there are some great free options such as iThemes Security and/or Wordfence Security.  If you’ve already been hacked then I recommend using Sucuri which specializes in cleaning up websites and then protecting them.  Their service is higher, at around $200/year, but being hacked is even pricier.  [They also have a free scanner – Sucuri SiteChecker – to see if your site is infected.]  I urge you to take your website security seriously in the new year.


Online Gifts

  1. Image Credits – Taking your own photos really lend authenticity to your site.  But there are times when you need something different.  Deposit Photos is a great site for finding interesting images.  AppSumo usually has a special deal each year of 100 image credits for $49.  It can’t be beat!  Sign up for their list, get your credits and start creating!
  2. Evernote – Evernote is vital to my business and life (so much so that I created two courses).  From research to web clipping to recipes – it is a great place to store information, tag it and then be able to access it.  Start with a free account.  I eventually upgraded as I needed more space.
  3. Gift of Learning – There are so many great courses available from learning SEO to social media platforms.  A great gift idea may be gifting a course to a business friend that has been struggling.  There are a lot of great courses from big online course provider companies – Lynda/LinkedIn Learning, Alison, Creative Live and Udemy – to individual entrepreneurs who make their own courses.  Some are free and others paid.  Even sharing the name of a great free or paid class to a fellow mompreneur is a gift.  [P.S. My Small Business Building Blocks is open – for the holidays.]
  4. Amazon Gift Card or Barnes and Nobles Gift Card – It is vital as an entrepreneur to continue learning and expanding.  Having a Kindle or Nook is an easy way to always have something on hand to read.  A gift card is a great way to share knowledge.  And the next time you hear or see a list of books for entrepreneurs – you can quickly purchase with your gift card and get up to speed.
  5. iTunes or Google Play Gift Cards – There are so many apps available – from image editing to finances, to task lists – they definitely help with productivity.  The costs are often minimal – from $2.00 – $10.00+.  Having the gift card in your back pocket makes it easy to upgrade or try out new ones.



  1. Looking for some natural products?  Check out Modern Mom Elixirs – from soaps, to shampoo bars to so much more.  I love her tagline – “Purposeful Products For Your Naturally Exquisite Life”.  A great type of gift!
  2. Maybe a little decorating is needed for the office or other rooms?  Check out this great solution from Nest Set.  They offer designer curated decor sets that you can choose by style or by space.  Whether you want to upgrade your bookcases, or side tables – they have a set for you at reasonable prices.


I hope you found some new and useful gifts either for yourself or others.  Do you have some fun items to share?  Let us know!  Post on our Facebook page!

[Note:  Again, I’m not affiliated with any of these products.  There are no affiliate links – only direct links to the gifts.]


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