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Okay, I get it.  It’s hard to find any free time.  But if you do have some “extra” time, this is when I add some edit and refresh my recipe collection in Evernote.

Recipe Review


Here are some of the tasks I do:

  1.  Double-check my tags (I do make mistakes); update, add/or remove tags
  2.  Search for recipes that I haven’t yet tried.  I add these to a list (or mark them with a tag “try soon”).  That way I remember to put them into our meal rotation.
  3.  If there was a recipe that we tried, but wasn’t a home run, I either tag it as “no go” (if I think there’s hope to try it again another time) or I completely delete it.
  4. Review all my recipes and see where I have “holes” in my database.  Let’s say I have a ton of chicken recipes, but only one beef.  I would try to do a search for new beef recipes to help balance it out.  Or maybe I don’t have enough “sides” as opposed to entrees.  Whatever the case, I can go to some of my favorite recipe sites and can target those recipes I need (not just blindly searching).  I then “patch up” the holes in my recipe database so I have a balance.

I usually do my review in the summer to ensure that I’m all set for the start of the school year (when I have less time).  It’s also nice to add some new recipes and “refresh” the database and our recipe rotation for the beginning of school.

Action Step

Schedule a little time now to save yourself some headaches later.


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