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A couple of months ago I tried a new tool that really revolutionized my meal planning, prep and cooling.  I have tried lot of things – but this has made the difference – Instant Pot!  I have the version that is both a pressure cooker, a crock pot, yogurt maker  – and so much more!

New Kitchen Tool


With my kids home this summer, they wan to eat all the time!  Not small snacks, but substantial meals all day long.  So I started making lots of shredded chicken at the beginning of the week – so they could make tacos, burritos, wraps, spring rolls – themselves.  And in the pressure cooker – it takes maybe 15 minutes (after it comes up to pressure, though you don’t have to do anything while it does).  And I would make beans – 9-10 minutes in the pressure cooker and some rice  (which I did separately).  Other days I made pulled pork – ~20 minutes – amazing!

I started collecting Pressure Cooker recipes and am adding them to my Evernote collection.  It has also changed my meal planning and prep for the week.  I can have the pressure cooking on while I’m working on my business – as it will go off to the warming function once it’s done.


I’m looking forward to finding new ways to incorporate it into my meal prep – for the school year.  There are many great websites that have recipes specifically for Instant Pot.  Some of my favorites are:


Can’t wait to have healthy food prepared for when they come home.


Do you have a favorite tool?  A pressure cooker?  How do you use it?  Let me know!


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