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August is just around the corner – and for me, that’s the end of summer.  Why?  It’s time for the kids to get busy on their summer homework, start scheduling music lessons, sports teams, pre-season school teams, etc.  So much to do.

This is the time to start your organization and end of summer planning – not waiting until the actual school year starts.  This is when I start to think about the following things:


  1. Lessons – If your kids take lessons and took a break over the summer, now is the time to contact those teachers and find the best day/time.  This can be a little tricky as you don’t always know the kids exact after school schedule, but it’s good to get on the teacher’s radar.
  2. Physicals – if you will play sports this year, make sure to schedule your physical early.
  3. School Sports – if your kids play school sports, there may be tryouts or even “pre-season” practices starting in early August.  I would check out the school’s website to ensure that your kids don’t miss out.
  4. Team Sports – If your kids do non-school related sports, then make sure you’re on the list for the team.  They often start practices early so that the team is already in shape before the season starts.
  5. Tutors – If you’ve used a tutor in the past, or think your child may need one – now’s the time to sign up.  Sometimes the best tutors fill up very fast – and you don’t want the tutor with 2 out of 5 stars.
  6. Paperwork – School and activities produce a never-ending pile of paperwork.  Usually before the season starts, you’ll need to prepare their physical/medical documents, school/team specific docs, checks/money, etc.  Find out all the requirements and start collecting them now – before things get crazy.
  7. School supplies – soon the list will come out.  I try to first go through all of our supplies first – before going and spending any money.  I usually find most of the stuff at home – and just have to pick up a couple of things.  Check their backpacks – are they still okay for the next year?
  8. Create Online Calendars and share with your whole family – so that you’re all on the same page.

I know that if I start planning now – I’ll be less stressed when school starts.

I have also found that blocking off the first 2 weeks of school, the last 2 weeks of school and spring break and other holidays helps me to plan for the whole year.  While I will do some work in the first two weeks of the school year – I try not to have too many meetings, phone calls, etc. as surprises always come up at the beginning of the school year.


How do you prepare for the beginning of school?

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