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Small business owners often complain that they don’t have time to create content for their platforms.  And they don’t know what to create and post.

Content Pillar - Digital Asset Library

First: Identify Content Pillars

Brainstorm 2-3 main topics that are related to your business.

For inspiration:

  • look at the types of questions your clients and customers ask.
  • Go to Facebook Groups with your ideal clients and see what conversations they’re having on your topics.
  • Also look at groups with your peers and colleagues.  Look at the topics that they’re having issues with.

With your list of topics, find a good overarching main topic. Group the topics into larger categories. Try to have 3 – 4 content pillars.

The pillars should all be important topics in your field.

For example, content pillars for a Website Designer:

  • Website Security
  • Website Plugins
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Second: Content Types

Now that you have your main topics and sub-topics, you need to think about the types of content to create.  There are four main types following the acronym – ECEO.

  • Education
  • Connection
  • Entertainment
  • Offer



Educational content is vital for explaining what you do to serve your clients or customers.

Within your content pillars, make a list of the educational content posts.

They could be things like:

  • Interesting statistic about your field
  • How-to posts
  • Tips
  • Case Studies
  • and more…


Connection content is all about reaching out to your ideal clients.

Telling stories, telling your story is a way to connect with your audience. Remember to tell the stories keeping your business and content pillars in mind.

Remember you need to start to build the “know-like-trust” factor.

Talking about parts of your life, showing that you’re a “regular” person helps.

Make a list of posts that you could do to connect with your audience.


Think about why people come to Facebook and Instagram – for entertainment. Light hearted posts, cat videos, etc.

Try to find some content that is fun – but somehow connected to your content pillars.

For example, I’m a Business & Productivity coach. But I’m also a mom. So I’ll try to share memes, posts, videos – that are about moms and their lives.

You could create or share:

  • Memes
  • Gifs
  • Quotes
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Games


We run businesses. That’s what we do to earn a living.

So of course, we need to pitch offers.

Try to create offers on topics from your content pillars. That way when you write a blog post about a topic – you can have a corresponding offer.

It’s vital to include a strong Call to Action (CTA)

  • Book a call
  • Download my freebie
  • Try it for free
  • etc.

Create posts for all these categories.

Third: Post Types

Now that you have your content pillars and content types, you now will want to share your content with your ideal audience.

Here are some examples of the types of posts you can create.

There are even more – I’m sure.

This list will help you then repurpose content.  If you create a FB Post one week – you can later repurpose it into a Blog Post or Video.

Fourth: Schedule

Now that you have created your content pillars, the types of content and the types of posts – now we need to think about how to put it out in the world.

It’s helpful to create a routine for yourself – with the different types of content for a day of the week.

Here’s a sample…

Scheduling Tools

You now have your content and the content schedule. Then you will want to schedule out your content.

For Facebook and Instagram (for the most part) I recommend that you use Facebook’s Creator Studio.

For other platforms, you can use:


Congrats! You’ve Started to Create a Digital Asset Library

Start creating content for your digital asset library.  Post it.

Then you take the a piece of content, like a blog post, and repurpose it into a social media post or a video or a Facebook Live.

Keep adding to your library and you will always have content to post consistently.

You can watch the free Video Series on Creating a Digital Asset Library on the Second Act Moms’ Facebook Page.


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