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I know that summer can be challenging for virtual business owners.  After several summers that were difficult, I developed some strategies to cope with working at home and having my middle and high school-aged kids at home (See post: “How to Survive at Home as a Work at Home Mom”).  I schedule my kids’ time, signed them up for camps, etc.  I thought that I had a good plan…until….


Kapow!  I received an email about my son’s basketball camp that they had to change the location of the camp due to unforeseen repairs.  The original location was perfect – close enough that my son could get there on his own.  Plus his friends lived nearby so they were planning on hanging out afterwards.  Instead, the new location was miles away.  Not a location they could get to on their own.  So now I would need to drive him both ways.  Furthermore, since his friends’ parents worked, they asked if I could drive.  This situation was NOT what I was expecting or planning on.  Instead of basically having the whole day to myself to get work done – I was going to have to run kids back and forth.  It also mixed up the plans for my other son.

Thoughtful business woman with notebook in office


I must admit – it threw me for a loop.  The first day I barely got any work done.  My task list plan for the day was blown.  Even on Tuesday, I just didn’t seem to be able to get back on track.  I realized that my attitude was so negative.  I couldn’t get over the fact that my plan was blown.


super_business_woman_400_clr_15874I realized that this new schedule, while not ideal, did not prevent me from getting any work done.  It was my attitude.  I needed to reframe how I saw the situation.  So instead of scrambling trying to finish tasks, I decided to take a couple of hours and reschedule my week.  I find that I accomplish more when everything is organized, logical and planned.  Once I finished, I felt more settled and was able to get back to work.  I almost caught up as well.  I realized it’s not just about organizing and planning, but being flexible and allowing time to regroup.  My attitude adjustment actually changed my mood, efficiency and ability to get things done.


If you’ve been thrown for a loop – how do you get back on track?  Does your attitude affect your work output?