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Batch Your Tasks

For any business owner, managing your time is so important.  For mom entrepreneurs it’s vital to control your time – as much of it is controlled by outside forces.  There are many methods that can help improve your productivity and complete your tasks.

Batching your tasks is one way to get more done.

Batch Tasks

Basically, you take similar tasks and do them all at once.  For instance, if you have to create several invoices – instead of doing them after you complete the work for each client, block off a time to do them all at once.

The idea is that once you have open a certain software program, it’s easier to use it to complete several tasks – than go from one program to another.  It’s the idea of economy of scales.  It’s more efficient to do all of one kind of task at a time.  It takes time to do one task – and then switch to another type.  It takes your brain some time to adjust – and even if it’s just seconds – it adds up during the day.   It often takes you longer to accomplish each task because of the lack of efficiency.

Why Batching Tasks Is Smart

1. Efficiency – As discussed previously, batching your tasks does not require your brain to adjust to a different type of task – thereby losing time.  It’s easy to move from creating one social media graphic to another than doing a graphic, then writing an email then going back to creating another graphic.  Switching tasks can cause a loss of efficiency of 40%.

2. Momentum – Batching is a great way to build some momentum.  Crossing off tasks can really help to get you started in a positive direction and keep you going. Once you finish several tasks – you will want to keep going.  Your brain reacts positively to accomplishing tasks.  And you feel satisfied.

3. Less stress – It can be stressful both mentally and physically to switch between different tasks. Scientists have found that switching between different types of tasks actually uses up glucose in the brain – which makes you tired and unable to focus.  It also may have negative longer-term consequences.  Not being able to focus or accomplish your tasks – will cause you stress.  Avoid it by batching your tasks!

Sample Tasks to Batch

  • Creating graphics
  • Social Media writing
  • Social Media posting
  • Writing for your blog
  • Responding to emails
  • Making phone calls
  • Invoicing
  • Paying bills
  • Creating videos
  • Research

The evidence is clear.  Batching your tasks is a much less stressful and more effective way to work.

What tasks do you batch?  I’d love to know what types of tasks you group together.

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