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You’re a mom and an entrepreneur.


You love your family and want to spend quality time with them.  But you also love your business.  You struggle to juggle both of these responsibilities.

Every week you start with optimism and a smile.  But by the end of the week, you’re tired, stressed and can’t possibly do one more thing or make one more decision.  You know there must be a better way.


I’ve been there.  I can totally understand.  But there is a solution.


I’m a coach for mom entrepreneurs who are struggling to balance their business and family.  They’re torn between doing their best work for their clients and feeling guilty they’re not spending quality time with their kids.  I help them manage their time and structure their business to give them the work-life balance they crave.

I went from a career in international affairs to a stay at home mom with two kids.  But I did feel like I wanted to “use my brain again.”  I wanted to use my education, skills and experience – but in a new way.  So I started an online business.

My Day of Reckoning

I had the flu. I was lying on our black leather sofa in the middle of the living room with a bucket next to me – and I couldn’t move I was so sick. I had a laptop on my lap trying to type something to a client. My kids were screaming, running around the couch with lightsabers chasing each other.

I remember laying there thinking…. this is it?

Is this really what life is supposed to be like?

The chaos, the bedlam? This can’t be it?

After all my hard work…this is my life?

That was the day – the impetus for me to drastically change my life.

I started working only 10am – 2pm.

I fired clients who didn’t follow my rules and boundaries.

I was ruthless with my time.

I cut the types of services I offered (like those where I was filing patent applications at midnight….).

I only did things that I felt would make a difference in my family’s life.  Focused on doing things that my kids would remember and got rid of the “non-important” stuff.  (When my kids are adults, will they really remember if I ironed their clothes? Would they remember that our lawn was mowed without any weeds?)

And more importantly, what did I want them to remember about me as their mom?

Some things I stopped doing. I really distilled my life down to the absolute basic things to make me and my family happy.

My new schedule allowed me to spend quality time with my kids.  We went to a different park almost everyday after school with their friends. We had playdates, sleepovers, etc. We created some special and “mundane” memories that my children will remember for our time together instead of whether their clothes were ironed and the lawn was mowed.


The Transition to My New Business

I took many productivity classes trying to find a way to work and be with my kids – but they all fell short for me. Most were taught by men, or women who had nannies – and therefore didn’t have the responsibility of the care of their children.

So, most of their techniques didn’t work for me – if my child got sick, etc. – they didn’t talk about what you do next.

  • How do you change your schedule when you can’t work because your child is sick?
  • How do you catch up?
  • How do you regroup?

That’s why I wanted to work with moms – to help them navigate and find their perfect work-life balance.

At school pickup and on the playground, other moms were surprised when they found out I worked from home.  They thought that online businesses weren’t real. Some moms were working fulltime and wanted to stop. Working from home sounded attractive to them because it allowed for flexibility and eliminated the commute.

Other moms weren’t working – but would like to do a little part-time work – but still have time for their kids. I started slowly helping other mom entrepreneurs figure out the puzzle of their work-life balance.

I still struggle at times to find the balance between fulfilling work and happy family life. I feel like the “universe” reminds me from time to time what’s important. It gives me a reminder to reevaluate my life and make sure I’m following my path and that my business is meshing with my life. But now I have the knowledge and tools to get back to that place of balance.


Sharing what I’ve learned

As more and more moms started asking me for help, I decided to create this new business.  I am passionate about helping other women. I love my business and I love having the flexibility to spend time with my family.  And I love sharing all that I’ve learned with my clients.

I would love to hear your story.  To learn how I can help you find the work-life balance you strive for, check out my Work With Me Page or send me an email at