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You’re home trying to work.

You’re kids are a little older – and are at home a lot.   Every day.

Why not make the most of it?

Every business is different.  But there are usually some key tasks that remain true for all businesses.  Why not have them help you out?  Even unofficially?

Here are some easy things they can help you with:

  1. Files – whether you have paper or digital, there is usually some type of work with files that can be done.  From physical filing and creating new file folders, to organizing your digital files.  Maybe a file folder is getting too big – have them divide it up.  For instance, let’s say you have a folder with “social media graphics.”  It’s probably getting big – so you could have them divide it into Pinterest graphics, Facebook Graphics, Twitter Graphics, etc.

  3. Graphics – kids are usually really good with computers and software.  My kids know photoshop (how? I don’t know), but Canva is easy for kids to pick up on.  And especially if you have some templates they can take this off your plate.  You could have them make alternate pins, or Facebook post graphics or blog post graphics.  Give them some guidance, have them look at what you’ve already done – and they usually do a great job.

  5. Systems – I talk quite often about the importance of systems in your business.  If you haven’t created systems or are behind – this is a great way for your kids to help.  They can document each step of the process.  It may take a little time for you to explain or write out the process – but they can make a step-bystep manual with screenshots.  That way, if you do ever try to work with a team, you have everything written down.

  7. Social Media – While you may not want them responding to comments, they are most likely capable of posting or scheduling social media posts.  If you use a scheduler, you can have them upload posts for different platforms for the next week or so.  Or if you like to schedule natively, have them schedule out posts for the next week.  Either way, it’s a time saver.

  9. Invoices – regardless of the platform you use, there is usually some additional work to do in order to create an invoice from your time keeping.  It’s usually fairly easy – moving the time to specific clients’ invoices.  While it may not take a lot of time, it does free up the mental energy you would need to use to switch to this type of task.

Bonus:  Research – Depending on the age of your kids, they may be able to help with some research.  For instance, if you’re writing a blog post or article and you want to find a statistic that proves your point of view, you could ask them to try and find one for you.  You may still have to sift through some of the options that they find for you, but it can save you a little time.

Having your kids help you with your business can be a win-win situation.  They will see that you do “actual” work every day.  They will feel a part of your business.  They will learn some of the tasks in an online business.  And you will get some work done!

How do you have your kids help you?

Do you struggle to create a schedule that works for your business and family? 

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