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It’s October!  The last quarter of the year.  Maybe you’ve had a great year!  Maybe not.  Maybe you had a summer slump.  Maybe the beginning of the school year was a little harder than you anticipated.

Let’s work on making this last quarter the best of the year!  Here are my top five tips!

  • Know Your Actual Number of Working Days – Only three months before the new year, but the fourth quarter can be challenging. In the US, we have Thanksgiving – with many school having the whole week off!  And what with guests, and cooking, etc. it can be a drain on your business hours. Black Friday is a huge shopping day, so many like to create online offers.  Then Christmas and winter break come into play.  I need you to look at the actual days that you realistically have to work in the fourth quarter.  I like to take a physical calendar and mark off the days that are holidays or non-working days.  Include some buffer days – as after holidays it’s not always possible to start working right away.  After taking into account holidays, days off, etc. you will have a better idea of the working hours you have for the 4th quarter.


  • Decide on Projects – Now that you know the number of days you actually have to work, you need to think about the projects that you want to do.  I recommend that you have 1 large project and maybe a couple of smaller ones, though it depends on the amount of working days you have.  Make sure that you’re realistic!  Choose products that will get you to your goals – whether it’s earning the most money or getting more subscribers.  Focus on that goal and plan your projects to reach that goal.


  • Make a Schedule – Now that you known the number of days, and your main project, you will need to rate a detailed plan.  Break down the project into smaller components and plot it on your calendar.  Put all the tasks in your favorite task management tool.


  • Resource Gathering – For your projects to be successful, you will need to understand the resources you need.  Whether it’s a software, a new tool or a virtual assistant, you will want to test and line up your resources now.  With limited time available identifying the necessary resources is a huge step to attaining your goals in a short period of time.


  • Small, Consistent Action  – Now that you have your plan in place, you need to put it into action.  It’s easy to get off track.  The best way to move forward and accomplish your goals is to take small actions each and every day.  Cramming is less effective – and often causes stress and overwhelm.  

Following these steps will put you on your way to achieving your goals, getting more subscribers, gathering your tribe, or reaching your financial goals.

Now get busy!  It’s time for a successful end of year!

Do you struggle to create a schedule that works for your business and family? 

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5 tips for an outstanding 4th quarter

5 tips for an outstanding 4th quarter