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I love working with mom entrepreneurs – they are so passionate, talented, knowledgeable and loving.

They do so many things right.

But there are some common mistakes that I see over and over.  Here are the top 5 and what to do instead.

1. Not Protecting Their Priorities – so many mom entrepreneurs put a couple of items on their schedule – but it’s usually not their priority.  It definitely isn’t something that they want to do.  Usually it’s client work, other business items – and then they try to cram everything in.  Instead, block off time for your priorities FIRST!  Maybe you want to start running in the morning.  Block off that time.  Or maybe you want to take your kids swimming each week.  Block off that time as well.  If you don’t protect your priorities from the beginning – they’ll get left behind.

2. Not Scheduling Actual Time Cost –  Many mom entrepreneurs only block off the actual time that they talk with their client – ie 1:00 – 2:00.  But, you need a little prep time in advance.  And at some point you may need to get a drink of water, etc.  You need to add in some buffer time – before and after each client call.  Another example is taking your kids to soccer practice.  They plan form 5:00 – 6:00.  It is unlikely that you’re working up until 4:59.  Plus – you most likely have to drive there.  How long does that take?  30 minutes?  Getting your kids dressed, water bottles prepared, etc. takes some additional time.  So don’t just schedule 5-6.  Instead you may need to block off 4:15 – 6:30.  That’s the actual time you need for preparing for practice, driving to and from practice, and the actual practice.

3. Unrealistic Expectations – Many entrepreneurs think they can get sooo much done in any given period of time.  Unfortunately, they are usually wrong.  People tend to overestimate what they can do in the short term.  Can you write 5 blog posts in one day?  Perhaps….but it’s unlikely that you could produce 5 quality posts.  Instead, the next time you right a blog post – observe.  Time how long it takes from start to finish.  Start recording how much time it takes to do your main work tasks.  Then you will start to have a realistic idea of how much time each one takes.  Now you can create a realistic schedule.

4. Don’t Schedule Everything – When you are responsible for your business, your kids, your house,etc. – you have a lot going on.  It’s not possible for one person to remember everything.  I know a lot of mom entrepreneurs who schedule “most” things – but not everything.  Invariably, something gets forgotten.  Maybe you were supposed to bring snacks for the baseball team. Or maybe you were supposed to “volunteer” in your child’s classroom.  Maybe you were supposed to call for dentist appointments.  Or maybe you were going to send a client an email response.  If you miss these things, none or life shattering.  But forgetting these types of tasks can cause stress, guilt, and you can let down yourself or your clients.  It’s much easier to put EVERYTHING in your schedule.  If you don’t do something – it’s a choice.  Don’t forget something because you didn’t remember.

5. Don’t Plan Time to Schedule – Making a 90 day plan isn’t enough.  You must create weekly schedule to complete the tasks to accomplish your goals.  It’s vital that you make time in your schedule to create your schedule each week.  Some people like to do it on Fridays before they finish working for the day.  Others like to take a little of their Sunday evening to review the goals and tasks for the next week.  They plan everything out – so they are ready to work the moment they sit down at their desk.