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5 Day Planning Challenge-TY

Thanks for Joining our Challenge!

Next Steps:
  • Block off the time in your schedule each day to complete the task
  • Join the Facebook Group – to work together with others and get extra tips!
Here’s something else you may be interested in….

Did you go through and map out goals for 2017? Are you meeting them?

Maybe you didn’t make a plan for 2017?

No worries!

Check out our Planning Workshop!
In this Workshop you will:
  • Plan your 2017 and see how many days you actually have to work with for your business.
  • Plan your 3 big projects for the year.
  • Discuss tips for weekly time management.
  • Discuss and plan for the “unexpected” events all moms have to deal with.
You can receive access to this workshop!
You can watch the videos, receive worksheets, and other tips all for the low price of $27.00!
Questions? You can always contact us at