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5 Day Planning Challenge 2

How to

Organize and Prioritize Your Tasks in 5 Days

without using 20 new tools, tearing out your hair, or weeping on your keyboard.

Know what you’re doing everyday

You can finish your tasks AND take a shower everyday

Learning new apps or hiring a assistant or selling your first born

Introducing The…

Did you start the new year creating a weekly schedule – but then drop it like a hot rock by January 20th?

Are you so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start each day?

Do you struggle create a plan that matches your life style?

Join us for a 5 Day Planning Challenge

to create a customized weekly schedule
so that you can SUCCEED in 2017!

  • Give me 15 minutes each day for 5 days to create your own time block schedule.
  • We will map out your household responsibilities, your activities, and your business tasks.
  • We’ll create our themed time blocks – so you always know what to do. No guessing!
  • We will send an email each day with short, actionable steps.
  • We’ll all support each other in our Facebook Group!


The Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017!

Why Join Me?

I’m Karen Grill – a multiple business owner, author, Huffington Post contributor and a mom to two active boys and a wife to one husband.

I understand the struggles of moms and micro business owners. Trying to find time for our businesses, families and even time for ourselves can be overwhelming.

Let’s plan together – so we can have both successful businesses and time to enjoy our families.

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Join the 5 Day Challenge!

I want to Plan for Success!

We like to eat spam, not send it.

Plan for your best year yet!

Create a schedule for your business so that you’ll have time for your family and even for yourself.

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Join now – the Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017!

Don’t miss out!
Plan for Success Today!

I want to join the Planning Challenge!

We like to eat spam, not send it.